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Dr. Bob Knudson specializes in Invisalign treatment. 


For ultimate camouflage, tray or aligner systems render a modern straightening method.  Designed with sophisticated software and 3D digital models of your teeth, a series of clear plastic trays produce the straightening results.  Medical-grade plastic without wires, metal, springs, or rubber bands gently moves your teeth into place.  Gradual pressure on specific teeth with each aligner means less discomfort and shortened treatment times, in many cases.  Your provider dispenses several sets of aligners at a time, allowing you to change to a new one at home every two weeks.

Removable trays can be set aside for short periods allowing normal eating and cleaning.  Enjoying an apple without the intrusion of brackets and wires works well for many patients. And the smooth plastic surface offers a comfort level to the tongue and cheeks unequaled by other forms of straightening. 

A system that can be taken out and set aside may be forgotten.  Committing to consistent wear, at least 22 hours each day, helps ensure the success of your treatment. While clear aligners work extremely well for adults, a responsible teen can be a candidate too. And adults of every age have discovered the perks of straight teeth with aligners. 


  • Straighten your teeth in stealth mode
  • Allow you to you eat the foods you like during treatment
  • Make cleaning and brushing easy
  • Close eye-catching gaps
  • Correct overlap/crowding issue

Something For Everyone

While aligner treatment works for 90% of straightening cases, some tooth movements may not be possible. Or you may simply prefer the security of fixed braces.  More choices than ever exist for many procedures in dentistry allowing customized care for your situation. Dr. Bob can help you discover the path to a straighter smile. 

You may discuss adding whitening to your plan, removing years of yellow stain accumulation.  In some cases, the beauty of porcelain lifts a straight smile to another level or may even offer an alternative to orthodontics.  And you may be pleasantly surprised to find a flexible payment option or undiscovered insurance benefits that make treatment closer than you think.


"Can I speed up my Invisalign treatment by changing my aligners more frequently?"

"Yes" is the answer, but NOT WITHOUT SOME HELP.

Invisalign aligners and our treatment plans are based on your treatment being comfortable, effective, and in line with your body's normal biologic systems that create the changes in your bone that allows tooth movement to occur.  We don't say "22 hours a day for two weeks" just for fun.  There is science behind that standard for wear.  That is the optimal wear pattern that allows the cellular mediators of bone remodeling to do their job.  Wearing less than that risks loss of control and sets you up for additional aligners and prolonged treatment time.

So, how do we speed treatment without potentially messing things up?  What needs to happen is for those cellular components of movement to speed up their work.  Basically, we need to increase the number of osteoblasts and osteoclasts in the area and increase their individual activity – happier workers on the job.

How do we do that?  Well, that naturally happens in our bodies when we break a bone.  The body quickly increases these cells to help knit together the broken ends.  There are a couple of surgical techniques that essentially do the same thing in your jaw.  One involves punching holes in the bone between the teeth through the gums, the other involves actually laying back the gums and grooving the bone.

Sounds like fun, huh?

Well, for about 60 years, orthopedic surgeons (bone doctors) have been using a technique involving near- infrared light of a certain frequency (a natural component of sunlight that helps us feel warm) to stimulate the cells involved in knitting the broken bones.  For all your scientist types out there, this photon wavelength stimulates mitochondrial production of ATP (cell food) via cytochrome oxidase activation.  

Anyway, we now have a patented appliance designed to focus this light energy around your teeth and allow you to go from changing every two weeks to CHANGING ALIGNERS EVERY WEEK, cutting your treatment time in half.   Got a wedding coming up?  Going off to college?  Really crowded teeth and don't want to wear aligners for two years?  This is probably the answer for you.

 IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN WEAR YOUR ALIGNERS HALF TIME DURING THE DAY AND CHANGE EVERY TWO WEEKS.  The process of bone change takes several hours to start up after you remove the pressure of the aligners for more than about an hour, so a start/stop/start/stop wear pattern will give you the same result -- longer treatment time, additional refinements, and a less predictable result.

The appliance, called an OrthoPulse, is patented and of course this means it has a bit of a price tag attached to it, but with our everyday lower pricing of complete treatment, you can add the OrthoPulse to your Invisalign treatment, cut your time in appliances in half, and still pay less than most offices charge for braces or Invisalign.  

You can visit the website of the manufacturer of the OrthoPulse at www.orthopulse.com for more information and photos of actual cases.